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A new era of music

Introducing a new music & sound format that enables inspiring experiences, new levels of musical performance and powerful creative tools

Cross-platform audio engine / introducing music 2.0

Cinematic magic in real life

Pixtunes is the audio engine for adaptive music built to deliver immersive aural experiences across any platform. Our radical new sound format is easily implemented and offers a diverse catalogue of music, artists & producers.

Our mission

Unlocking music’s DNA

to deliver a memorable immersive and adaptive aural experience for creators and listeners alike.

Unlimited possibilities to integrate content

Creativity at the center

We offer our partners the possibility to build any kind of content in the new format and integrate it into their use case. Powerful content worlds, star signatures, sonic branding in a new dimension, all experienced in an interactive performance that sounds unique to each listener.

A whole new kind of experience

Music & sound reinvented

With our solution, we invite people into interactive experiences of unprecedented intensity and depth. Music is being adapted to real and virtual life experiences with tailor-made soundtracks.

Use cases

One solution for a wide range of industries like:

smart home
theme park

Our Product

Immersive experiences as a service

Our product is designed as a cross-platform SDK and can be integrated into every conceivable use case. A constantly growing Artist driven Content Catalogue is distributed with the license. With our Creator Framework, artists can produce directly in the new music format and test their works in real-time.
Cross Platform Format Player
Creator Engine
Artist Content

Our Format

Music & sound like in the movies

In our format, music and sound are rethought. A Pixtunes experience, is a constantly reinventing, highly responsive performance that sounds different each time the interaction changes. It adapts to the user and their context at any time and permanently generates the appropriate sound design to go with it.
Analyse users context
Realtime composing
Dynamic mix & effect engine

Hosting multi-dimensional worlds of experience

From a linear song and repeating playlists to personalized, immersive real-time experiences. Perfectly tailored to the users’ taste and context.

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