Next Generation Adaptive Music & Sound

Introducing a new era of music technology where music & sound become an adaptive and interactive experience that translates the user's environment and movements into a real-time soundtrack

Context aware Music & Sound

The ever-changing world around us is analyzed and understood as scenes. Our technology translates the detected scene in real-time into a fitting and always matching soundtrack


Unleashing a new dimension in Music Technology

With our cross-platform technology, music is reinvented and transformed into a multidimensional format. Music that lives, reacts, adapts, but in no way loses its depth, organicity, soul, and mystery. Producers gain access to a groundbreaking way to produce this new kind of music & sound

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Artists produce, test, and implement music & sound in a multidimensional way


Brands implement our engine and elevate their customer’s experience


Users get access to a new and intense entertainment platform


Sound artists and creative coders gain access to novel editing tools

Experience it on your smartphone

Try our unique experience on your iPhone in assorted use cases such as automotive, gaming, cycling, and jogging

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Convey value through emotion

By utilizing the powerful traits of music, we offer a unique solution to create an emotional & joyful experience and connection between product and customer. Emotional intensity that is usually more familiar from the cinema becomes applicable to reality

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Unlimited possibilities to integrate content

We tailor the best possible technology application to your brand use case and build fitting immersive soundtracks in all existing styles

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Sonic Branding

We elevate your brand sound assets or craft a unique sound imprint

Artist Signatures

Exclusive artists’ creations resonate as interactive performances

Movie Soundtracks

Hollywood originals are boosted and turn your vehicle into a concert hall

Sound Design

Our Technology can also host sophisticated Sound Design and soundscapes

Reimagine the gaming experience

Where today the game soundtrack usually already has adaptive elements, Pixtunes technology takes this concept to a whole new level. The player is immersed deep into the game by the perfectly matching high-resolution soundtrack

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Teaser application

Try our unique experience on your iPhone in a vehicle of your choice.

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